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How much value would adding an egress window produce?

By marylandegr22885493, Aug 22 2016 05:11PM

Egress windows add so much value to your home, lets for a second forget that now you can escape in an emergency situation. This of course is your number one reason to install an egress window. A fire fighter's job is hard enough without having only one way in and out of your basement.

A egress window or door brings fresh air in and now fresh air is recycling in and out of this larger window in your basement allowing you to be in a healthier enviorment overall.

We all know that natural sunlight makes us feel good, stay inside all day and walk out into the sun and you feel better.

But the best and most important part of an egress opening is adding marketable square footage to your home. The area an egress window is in changes all of the space in the room to livable square footage.

So that 3 bedroom house just became a 4 bedroom house. Where else can you add 20-50% more sq footage to your home for $5000- $8500. Call Maryland Egress for a free inspection and quote 410-437-0360

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